Irin Angel Valencia

Irin Angel Valencia 

12. April 2017


Sire: Int Ch Guidesline' s Trade Gothic 

(Int Ch Licithas Terje Vigen x Guideline' s leaflet)

HD-B, ED-0, prcd-PRA - clear, EIC-clear, CNM-clear
HNPK-clear, eeBB 


Dam: Ch Leenora Best Nicoletta Irin Angel 

(Linjor Taio JW x CH Leenora Best Europa Plus)

HD-A/A, ED-0/0, prcd-PRA -clear, EIC-clear, CNM-clear
HNPK-clear, Narcolepsy - clear,  eeBB 

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Breeder: Irina Burmistrova


Wesenstest - bestanden

"Die 18 Monate alte arbeitsfreudige Hündin zeigt eine sehr gute Bindung zur Führerin.

Die jagdlichen Anlagen, sowie Spiel-, Beute-und Bringtrieb sind im sehr guten Maße vorhanden.

Sie hat ein ausgeglichenes Temperament, eine gute Unter-ordnungsbereitschaft und ist führig.

Die Hündin hat ein labradortypisches Verhalten und ist schusssicher."

Ruggiero Calfa,

 Singhofen, den 27.10.2018

Formwert - vorzüglich

"Ideale Größe, Femininer Kopf, viel Austrahlung.

Dunkle Augen, schwarzer Lidrand, vorzüglich getragener Behang,

korrekter Stop, vorzügliche Halslänge, vorzüglich gebaut.

Korrekt in allen Teilen, raumgreifende Bewegungen."

Hassi Assenmacher-Feyel,

Backnang, den 29.07.2018


26.08.2018, Brauchbarkeit auf Niederwild bestanden

20.10.2018, 800m Nutzwildschleppe bestanden

23.02.2019, BH/ VT (DVG) vorzüglich 

24.02.2019, Obedience Beginner,  257,5 P. vorzüglich 

2. Platz, 3 Starter

30.03.2019, Obedience Klasse 1, 278,5 P.  vorzüglich 

1. Platz, 14 Starter

06.04.2019, Obedience Klasse 1, 255,5 P.  sehr gut  

1. Platz, 6 Starter

03.10.2019, Obedience Klasse 2, 266  P.  vorzüglich, 

2. Platz, 16 Starter

Irin Angel Valencia - personal statement January 2021 -

Charming, absolutely lovable, humorous and sensitive, my little Russian girl, Irin Angel Valencia, called Vivi, has conquered my heart at a rapid pace, in fact, she has reawakened my heart after a terrible loss. Vivi is enormously eager to work, very cooperative, super-strong, absolutely nerves of steel. Vivi is convincing in all areas - she is exactly how I imagine a Labrador Retriever to be, always ready to give her all, she is able to concentrate enormously and has an enormously will to please and will to work, which not only makes Vivi an enthusiastic partner in every area of dog sport, but also makes living together a matter of course. Vivi is a joy to own and train.

Vivi came to me when she was 15 months old and was a completely blank slate. Within one year she worked her way up to the highest class of FCI Obedience, passed the hunting qualification and the 800 m game trail with ease. She has an above average body coordination and impresses with a flowing elegant and expressive movement. In the Heelwork she can play out these qualities to the full and has a very nice position with great uprightness.

Vivi works enthusiastically, no matter if Agility, Dummy, Obedience or hunting, she works thoughtfully and very precisely, always at the highest level of motivation, but still very easy to steer. The safer she becomes during an exercise, the faster she executes it. Vivi can 'still take a shovel to it' in competition and can handle mental pressure during tests or competitions very well. She has a very good stamina without losing motivation. With Vivi I always have to think about power, passion and style. She simply combines everything in herself.

On 23 March 2020 Vivi had her first litter after Roma C.I.E.C.I.B. Sun-Laurie-Blowing in the Wind and she gave me the biggest and most beautiful present ever: my little Storm!
The whole litter is a gift: Sam, Sunbrook's Welcome All my Love! to Gostwyck with Sue in Ireland, Sugar with good Sunbrook's friends, Jazz happy with lovely people and a nice big "sister" and just our little Storm.

Vivi was and will always be the magical little fairy who reawakened my heart after so much pain and loss.
Thank you my infinitely beloved Vivi!

Thank you, Irina Burmistrova, for giving Vivi through your loving upbringing and imprinting all that a Labrador needs to be happy.

Irin Angel Valencia - awaked my soul